We are always interested to hear from researchers with a passion for theory and simulation of materials (TSM) who want to do their PhD or post-doctoral work in our group. Imperial College London is a vibrant and stimulating environment for research in TSM. We are part of the Thomas Young Centre, the London Centre for TSM, which provides an exciting programme of scientific events and visitors, and a large network of researchers in TSM.

Post-doctoral positions

There are currently no post-doctoral positions available in the group. Any future opportunities will be advertised on the Psi-k mailing list.

PhD studentships

NEWS 2nd May 2021: There is a potential PhD studentship opportunity in the group for a start date between October and January. The project is a collaboration with researchers at Continental. The aim is to use theory and computer simulations to understand the mechanical failure of silica-polymer nanocomposites and to predict how the strength of the system depends on the chemistry of the interface. The project will build on earlier work in the group on the development of a hybrid, multi-scale approach in which, during a dynamical simulation, the majority of a complex system is described with a computationally inexpensive classical interatomic forcefield, and regions in which bond-breaking is about to occur are identified on the fly and are treated quantum mechanically [Golebiowski et al, J Chem Phys 149, 224102 (2018) and Phys Chem Chem Phys 22, 12007 (2020)].

Funding (subject to confirmation): This 3.5 year studentship would provide stipend (~£17k/year) and tuition fees at the UK/home student rate.

Eligibility: Students with home fee status (UK students and EU students with settled status).

Interested candidates should contact Arash Mostofi no later than Tuesday 11th May 2021. Please include an up-to-date CV, academic transcripts (if available), and a brief description of your motivation and suitability for the proposed area of study.

Early-career fellowships

The group is always happy to host and support outstanding applicants in obtaining early-career research fellowships. Research Fellows enjoy academic independence and the supportive environment of the research group and the department. The department has a process for assessing applications. More details on Fellowships. Informal inquiries should be directed to Arash, preferably including a CV, brief research plans, and details of the intended Fellowship scheme.